The nonversioned editing process is described in more detail in A quick tour of working with nonversioned data. Arc GIS for Desktop. Do you know of any good guides and resources to guide me with the arcgis 9. Data in an ArcSDE geodatabase can be either versioned or nonversioned. When you edit nonversioned data in an ArcMap edit session, you edit the data source directly.

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IBM Rational Programming Patterns key features Secured migration Procedures migrate at a low cost the Pacbase assets to a comprehensive and strategic development environment that surpasses Pacbase capabilities. The generated code is syntactically equivalent to the Pacbase code. Comparison tools ensure that the migration was correct. Non-regression tests and training of the Pacbase developers are limited and the continuity of Pacbase high-level development and maintenance productivity is ensured.

Design features Data description patterns help to master the information concept of an IT system in a form that is understandable by a business domain specialist and consumable by software developers. It also provides design tools such as renaming, moving, duplicating, comparing, documenting, or publishing. COBOL source management An extended COBOL code editor facilitates the maintenance of user code through filters, wizards, syntax highlighting, content assist, real-time syntax check, and interactive debugging.

Code is encapsulated and reused in programs through Macros that minimize complexity while providing a single point of maintenance. The generation is not limited to IBM code. The desynchronization of a generated file with its design is detected. Extensibility The Software Development Kit makes the development of a new generator easier by breaking up the complexity of a transformation into small tasks through Micropatterns and Skeletons.

For example, it can be used to navigate the models in a special way, create user command lines and menus, or customize quality control rules, micropatterns, and patterns. Integration with Rational Team Concert Procedures for extracting projects or components from Rational Team Concert and importing them are available. Impact analysis and multi-criteria search, as an extension of the Rational Team Concert repository services, contribute to increase the maintenance productivity. The Rational Team Concert control features are extended.

Rational Programming Patterns specific preconditions can be used to ensure that the files that are about to be delivered to the server conform to predefined requirements.



Early history[ edit ] VisualAge was born in the IBM development lab in Cary, North Carolina , which was established in and had responsibility for application development tools. The EZ-VU dialog manager product, a personal computer derivative of the user interface elements of the ISPF x product was one of the first products in this family. The lab also had a group which was one of the early adopters of object-oriented programming technologies within IBM using an internally developed language called ClassC to develop applications with more sophisticated graphical user interfaces which were just starting to be widely available. At about the same time, visual interface construction tools were coming up on the radar screens.


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