There is truly a lot of good information contained in the "fictional auto-biography". I love the second half of the book that includes the qualitative comments about the effects of the drugs at different dosages with different routes of use. Lying to ourselves is no path for enlightenment. This is the first door yet discovered, other than "stalking the wild pendulum" by Bentov that is a self discovery of the truth of the universe, and the experience of existence. All phenomena is a change through chemical reactivity.

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Sasha was born in Berkeley, California. He first began his study of organic chemistry at Harvard University. In at the age of 18, Sasha left Harvard to join the U. After a short period working at Bio-Rad Laboratories as a research director, he joined Dow Chemical Company as a senior research chemist.

I learned there was a great deal inside me. Sasha first tested his new creations on himself, starting with minuscule doses and cautiously ramping them up until some manner of effect was noticed. Working primarily with phenethylamines and tryptamines, a body of objective and subjective reports was created for hundreds of psychoactive chemical compounds. Sasha subsequently ended his career with Dow in the mids to pursue independent research and employment as a consultant.

He began teaching classes in local universities and at the San Francisco General Hospital. They were married in Sasha also served as an expert witness in court cases and occasionally conducted chemical analysis for law enforcement; over the years, he received several awards from the DEA. In order to carry out his research, Sasha obtained a DEA Schedule I license for an analytical laboratory, allowing him to possess and synthesize scheduled substances. Book Two describes a catalog of phenethylamines, with details about synthesis and reported activity.

In the 15 years preceding the publication of PIHKAL, two announced and scheduled reviews had failed to find any irregularities.

Rather than having unreasonable restrictions placed onto his work by the government, Sasha decided to turn in his DEA license and entirely stop working with scheduled substances. Despite this setback, the Shulgins continued to develop and pioneer new psychoactive substances, carefully working within the boundaries of the law.

In , Sasha and Wendy Perry co-authored The Simple Plant Isoquinolines, which describes those plants that contain isoquinolines and provides the names and details of their chemical structures. On April 8, , at the age of 82, he underwent surgery to replace a defective aortic valve. On November 16, , Sasha suffered a stroke. In December of he suffered another stroke, followed by skin-grafting surgery to save his left foot from an amputation.

Around this time, Sasha also began to start showing early signs of age-related dementia. In early , it was confirmed that he had terminal liver cancer.

He was surrounded by loved ones, listening to Buddhist meditation music, and his going was graceful, with almost no struggle at all. We respect your privacy and will never share your information. Email Address: Enter the letters as shown:.


Alexander Shulgin

Aten Shulgin — Both Theodore and Henrietta were public school teachers in Alameda County. In he dropped out of school to join the U. Shulgin drank the juice and, assuming that the powder at the bottom of the glass was a sedative , fell asleep rapidly. Upon waking he learned that the powder was undissolved sugar. The experience made him aware of the influence of placebos over the human mind. Through the late s Shulgin completed post-doctoral work in the fields of psychiatry and pharmacology at University of California, San Francisco.


Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin



PIHKAL y TIHKAL (Edición en Castellano)



Tihkal: The Continuation


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