A textured wallcovering for use in areas of high durability. Tough and durable; covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps; easy to repaint. September 13, 0 found this helpful. I need about 4 rolls. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you know of a source, please advise.

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Courtesy — amazonaws This wallpaper can be used in walls as well as the ceiling. It can be also used in bathroom , hallway, and living room. This wallpaper can be installed over damaged walls to hide the wall defect like cracks, scratches and wall roughness.

Paintable Wallpaper on Ceiling Paintable Wallpaper on Wall Courtesy - builders The newest anaglypta wallpaper or paintable wallpaper is created from glass fibre, and these are fire resistant and environmental friendly. Also, the fibres add a certain amount of stability to damaged walls, holding together small cracks and prevent crumbling.

This wallpaper is easy to install. Most of the paintable wallpaper comes pre-pasted. If it is not pre-pasted, you need to apply the wallpaper paste. There is no need to use special paint, you can use any type of paint for finishing paintable wallpaper. Remember: Graham and brown who arethe manufacturers of paintable wallpaper recommends 36 hour waiting period after installation for the dry adhesive as setting period for painting.

If you start painting after this time period and yet wallpaper starts to bubble, then this is the sign that wallpaper adhesive is still wet. Graham and brown than recommends to wait for 12 more hours adhesive to dry before starting painting the wallpaper.

Paintable wallpaper or anaglypta wallpaper is expensive when compared with to painting and most traditional wallpaper. Paintable wallpaper or anaglypta wallpaper gives special decorative paint effect on the wall. Paintable wallpaper gives you the flexible design and paint options. Thus paintable or anaglypta wallpaper is a good option to decorate your wall.

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