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I was born in Idaho, but my parents moved to New Mexico when I was a few months old. However, from 7th grade up, we lived in Henderson, Nevada, right outside Las Vegas. So I consider Vegas my home town. I love Vegas. My favorite town. Since I could hold a pencil! I wrote a Science Fiction book at eighteen, filed it away and got it back out a few years later and created a map of the galaxy as it would be in the story.

I put it away to attend college. Once all my kids were in school, I got the book out again, but the editor I sent it to made so many suggestions about changes that I got cold feet and tucked it back in the closet for a few years. Finally, all my kids were in high school, and I thought, when is it finally going to be time for me?

I had to make it for myself. That December I joined a critique group online, submitted my first chapter, and by April, I had a finished book and a contract. Q: To date which of your books was the hardest to write and why? It was one I never got published because the hero and heroine absolutely refused to cooperate with me. I rewrote it completely three times in one year, using different plots, trying to get them together.

What was I going to do? Trouble is, I write on a timeline for an overall series that this book fell into, and the young cousin was too young for an erotica. He might be old enough to flirt, but not be the hero. Their story would have to wait a few storybook years. It will be an older woman younger man story, but he will teach her more than she ever thought she could learn. So not a total loss! I do things editors tell you not to do.

Their thoughts ramble. Especially the males. I do not head hop, however. I always make sure that changes in point of view are clear between characters. Another aspect of my style is to show, not tell, so I use narrative only where absolutely necessary.

However, if your heroine lifts her head, tosses her curls, and gives the hero a shy smile before speaking, you not only know she is speaking lightly, you see her doing it. I get comments all the time about plot twists and how riveting my stories are, which delights me no end.

The young hero would be working with an older woman whose genetic enhancements could addict him to her. Everyone loved the title, and the moment I told people what it was, their eyes would light up. For Women Only had a line explaining to a man that the hero was like the company he worked for: For Women Only.

How to rule, how to fight, how to judge. Why this Vhalgenn is the last one is the crux of the story. It was nominated for a Tiptree Award, which is for challenging traditional gender roles. A Romance for Christmas is literally that, in all senses of the word. My three Tales of the Chosen books revealed stories about three Chosen — the servants of immortals called the Sempervians. Wulf, Alitus, and Jawk all related relationships of the three to one or more of the immortals.

Surrender Love is the first of a trilogy which will include the titles Surrender Trust and Surrender Will. First comes love, then the ability to trust, followed by the surrender of will to the other person in total trust. Each aspect goes both ways. Interesting question! Later, I read the Chanur series by C. Cherryh, and Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper. I also attended a Bible college for three years, studying to become an adult teacher.

Learning the King James version as well as others helped me learn the beauty of words in rhythm and balance. I understood the King James easily, because I had a strong background in English literature. When readers learn that I attended a Bible college and write gay Romance, they sometimes think these oppose one another. If God is love, then He should certainly want His children to know love and experience it fully.

In fact, most of my characters are far from religious, but the symbols are there if you search for them. And later, I will have a character whose spiritual beliefs lead her into war.

That should create some talk! I have so many! I really listen to other authors. I truly love this woman. That would certainly fit! Her first critique sent me reeling for three days. I was angry, upset, and confused all at the same time. I made her suggested changes, tried to learn how to watch for those mistakes in the future, and resubmitted the manuscript.

When Barbara saw that I was serious, she took me under her wing. It was through her recommendation that I received my first contract. I owe her a great debt. The most important is never to quit. The winner keeps going back no matter how long it takes. Sherrilyn Kenyon had multiple rejections for her books and used the last stamp she had to send out a query to someone she had heard was now an editor.

Imagine if she had quit. What a terrible loss! Never ever quit. Porn is a sex scene with no concept or plot. Erotic Romance is the developing relationship of lovers revealed with — and often by — their sexual relationship. For me, writing erotic romance was like getting a box of thirty-two crayons after having only eight before. Gay Romance gave me a box of sixty-four. I could never go back to eight and be satisfied with the end result. With well over members and a staff of four volunteers to help me, we manage to accomplish a monthly newsletter and bulletin as well as annual excerpt books for various heat levels and genres.

Helping others is my passion. Here are my most used links.


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