We hope you get a satisfactory service from Baxi. Page 4 see section 6. Please BS Gas Installation. Page 5: Introduction 1. The Baxi Combi Instant 80e or e is a fully automatic gas fired wall mounted combination boiler.

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Faulty case or terminal seal 1. Ensure the outer case is correctly positioned. Failure to follow instructions with regards to openable windows and doors 2. Re-site the appliance. Select a lower temperature. Excessive resistance of push rod. Exchange push rod and seals. Gas pressure too low.

Check and clean gas filter, also check gas inlet pressure. Faulty diaphragm. Will also cause a high water rate. Automatic gas valve push rod sticking. May also cause a high water rate. Dismantle dean and regrease using Dow Corning silicone grease. Handle the push rod with care, do not bend. Slow ignition screw incorrectly set. See Fig, 16 for the position of the screw. Turning the screw clockwise delays the ignition, anti-clockwise advances the ignition.

The screw should be set 2 full turns out anti clockwise from the fully in position. When correct the burner ignition should be smooth and quiet when a hot water outlet is opened. Heat exchanger scaled. Ultimately this will cause the heat exchanger fins to discolour and buckle. Noisy ignition could be caused by incorrect setting of the show ignition screw. Reduced pilot rate caused dy dirt. Also clean the lint filter located at the base of pilot tube.

Burner aeration ports and main flame ports blocked. Carefully clean the burners with a vacuum cleaner. Gas inlet pressure low. Call in your local British Gas Region. Low waterflow caused by blocked water filter. Clean the debris from the filter. Will also cause as high water rate. Replace the diaphragm assembly - Part No Automatic gas valve push rod jammed. Blocked water filter. Heat exchanger blocked with lime.

Loss of service water main pressure. Contact your Local Water Authority. Low water pressure. Water rate will be normal. Gas not turned on. Air in gas line. Purge the air line by depressing and holding the centre ON button, this may take minutes.

Incorrect pilot lighting procedure. Follow the lighting instructions located on the bottom cover or refer to the "Instructions for Use". Electrode lead not connected to the rear of the spark igniter. Re-connect the electrode lead. Incorrect spark gap. The gap between the electrode tip and the pilot hood should be mm.

Current tracking to earth. Check the electode lead is routed clear of all metal parts. Pilot injector blocked. Faulty components. Replace any faulty components found. No gas to the appliance 9. Thermocouple connections loose. Tighten the connections. Pilot injector partially blocked, clear by bowling through or replace. Check the gas inlet pressure is correct - 20 mbar.

Also clean the lint filter located at the base of the pilot tube. Thermocouple worn out or damaged. Faulty magnet unit in the flame safety device. Energy cut-off device connections loose. Tighten connections. Energy cut-off device may be faulty. Order replacement parts as identified by the fault finding guide.


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