The purchased product may differ from the product as described in this user guide. Page 3: Table Of Contents 3. The Bugaboo strollers are patented. Page 6 Check the contents of the box against the list below.

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The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. We wish you a great deal of pleasure with your Bugaboo Gecko. Please remember to complete and return the warranty card, so that you can be certain of receiving the best and most complete service from Bugaboo. Write this down for reference and warranty registration. If anything is missing, please contact your supplier. Discontinue use of the Bugaboo Gecko in case of malfunction.

Failure to attach properly could result in serious injury or death to your child. Transport your child by car in an approved car seat. Approved car seats can be used in conjunction with the Bugaboo Gecko chassis using Bugaboo adaptors see accessories. Adjustments made while the child is seated may result in the child falling. Check and maintain all safety features frequently. Your child could strangle in loose straps.

Always keep child in view while in the Bugaboo Gecko. Also, use extreme care when going up or down a curb or other uneven surface. This is unsafe and could damage the Bugaboo Gecko. Do not use Bugaboo Gecko parts or components with any non-approved stroller or other device or with any other Bugaboo product. It is advisable to repeat actions a couple of times when indicated.

This section explains how to assemble the Bugaboo Gecko. The subjects are the chassis, swivel wheels, big wheels with pneumatic tires, unfolding the chassis, parking brake, adjusting the handlebar, frame and carry handle. It is advisable to practice the basic steps. All parts fit together properly, so no force is necessary. If you find a step difficult, reread the instructions and try again to execute that step. Do not proceed until you have executed each step properly and completely.

The Bugaboo Gecko frame clicks into the chassis and becomes the base for the bassinet and seat. The parts are attached to the chassis. The chassis is comprised of the following components: axle for the big wheels; axle for the swivel wheels with holder; handlebar with frame bearers, parking brake and wrist strap. You also need the following for the assembly: 2 swivel wheels; 2 big wheels with pneumatic tires. Frame completes the chassis for further assembly.

Stand with the handlebar in front of you. Hold the handlebar lightly in your hands. Do not push. Pull the 2 white buttons on the inside of the handlebar towards you. I Move the handlebar upwards and away from you and let go of the white buttons. The wheel axles are now facing upwards. This enables you to fit the wheels without having to bend down far. Move the white sliding buttons upwards.

These are the swivel wheel locks. Stand with wheel axles in front of you. With the wheel facing upward and the swivel lock facing away from you, push the swivel wheel into the holder. The swivel wheels are now attached.

Important Do not fit the swivel wheels on the wrong side of the holder. The swivel wheel has a round button, which protrudes through the holder. The button has 2 sprung lips. Push on the 2 lips and remove the swivel wheel from the holder, c. Do the same on the other side. Push down the swivel locks. The swivel wheels are unlocked. Push up the swivel locks. The swivel wheels are locked. The Bugaboo Gecko now moves in a straight line. The wheels are now attached. I Remove the wheel from the axle; repeat on the other side.

This releases air. Important Do not leave the valve caps lying around. Prevent children from putting them in their mouths. Important The pneumatic tires provide maximum suspension when inflated to the correct pressure. When inflated to the correct pressure you can easily depress the tire with your finger. The big wheels are on the ground. Release the handlebar and click it in position between the big wheels.

The chassis is now folded up. Stand with the handlebar and big wheels in front of you. Pull the two white release knobs towards you and lift. I Push your foot against the axle of the swivel wheels.

The swivel wheels are released. The chassis is now standing on 4 wheels. It prevents the big wheels from turning. When the handlebar is above the big wheels, the parking brake is on the right on the handlebar, with the release button on the upper side.

Important You will be able to feel when the parking brake is working properly. Do not force the parking brake. Press the white, round button on the handle with the other hand and move the handle towards the handlebar, b. The parking brake is now off. Note If you press the white, round button on the handle without holding the handle tightly, the parking brake will be released suddenly.

To avoid injury, do not place your fingers between the handle and the handlebar. Place the handlebar above the big wheels. Screw the brake cable adjuster upwards. The brake cable is on the thin axle, next to the wheel on the right. This reduces the braking force, c. Screw the brake cable adjuster down to increase the braking force.

The brake lever must be in its lowest position to lock. On product says: Brake is parking brake only. To be used only when completely stopped. Brake must be in furthest downward position to be locked. The bassinet or seat fabric is fastened to the frame. The round side of the frame is always the head end of the bassinet or seat. This releases the frame bearers. Place the frame bearers in the upright position.

Let go of the squeeze-fastener. Pick up the frame. Fit the frame supports on the frame bearers. The frame is now attached to the chassis. Place the frame on the chassis. I Tip the frame forward and choose a position.

Place the frame in the horizontal position. Simultaneously press the 2 square, white buttons on the frame supports to release the frame. Pick up the frame, d. Place the frame on the floor, resting on the frame supports. Important The 2 square, white buttons are always used to remove the frame, with the bassinet or the seat, before it is placed on the floor. Remove the frame from the chassis. While holding the frame in the horizontal position, turn it around, c.


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