This is your chance to get almost pages of labs at a massive discount! A lot of this content will carry over into the new exam. Round out those skills! But what happens when you go home as it is not reasonable for you to retain all that information you would have been exposed to in a one week boot camp.

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This kit is geared for your success! These line up directly with the new Cisco official specifications on the IOS. This kit is the economy option to get you going on your path to success on a budget. You can do a whole lot of labbing with this budget friendly lab kit.

Since this is entry level equipment on the routing end, you may run into a "few bumps in the road" with the very advanced labs, but for a CCNA candidate watching their pocket, this will get you the experience you need to master the test! To satisfy the minimum requirement, Cisco is requiring two routers and two switches.

This is also the topology we write our lab workbook for because we know this is going to best prepare you to pass the CCNA! Cisco does have a small wireless component that will be part of the new exam, but this is simply a generic wireless router that you likely already have at home.

We do however have an add-on option in this kit to add a Cisco Access Point if you want to go on a deeper dive into wireless. CCNA is hotter and trending more than it ever has! Always remember that as the CCNA certification progresses, it proves more and more that you know your stuff!

With this, so does the amount of money you can expect to make as a Cisco Certified Network Engineer! This is one of the fastest growing fields in the world and with that comes the rewards, if you have the drive! It not only follows the format of the official Cisco CCNA curriculum, but even goes further in explaining other key concepts that we feel are important to prepare you for the real networking world. This has been newly revised and now includes a bones IPv6 section!

This even includes one time printing rights per copy so you can follow along on paper if you prefer. Our lab have been proven to be the best on the market with over thousands of individuals, over the course of over 24 years! Right now the kits come with a printed copy of the Lab Workbook to get you started and then we will send over a free digital upgrade to the new Lab Workbook in the next few weeks!

We cram these full of the important points so you can quick reference them daily or directly before your exam. Put the poster on your wall so it burns into your brain. Take the laminated tri-fold sheet with you on exam day to crunch down on essential topics while you are waiting to be called for your test! These have been a customer favorite for a long time.

When you have seen this test as many times as we have, you know this will give you the edge for success! With this release as well as all of the other included eBooks, we even took things a step further by upgrading to our new awesome eBook reader through LockLizard. This is the same engine that Cisco actually uses to protect and distribute their corporate documents.

This makes it extra cool because it is a format you will see in the field as a working network engineer. We include 2 activations with each purchase so you can install it on a desktop AND a mobile device, for example. On top of that you can highlight, make notes and work directly with your document. We know you will love it! Upon purchase a unique license file and a. You can accomplish a lot with just routers and gain a lot of excellent networking knowledge.

Real hardware will always be the best solution to best prepare you for certification and career success! We can assure you that HR representatives will be thrilled to know that you have worked on real equipment and even have your own lab equipment! Simulators have spent a long time trying to mimic the real thing and after many years, they are still full of problems and capability issues. If you want to do things the right way, that will give you the best edge you can get on all fronts, real hardware is the best way to go.

Remember, this is an investment in your future that will pay itself off quickly if you are dedicated. Networking remains one of the fastest growing career paths in the world and there is only room to grow! To ensure the highest quality, we invest an incredible amount of energy into providing CCNA training materials that are written by us and have been refined for over two decades. Three Ethernet Patch Cables.


CCNA - Lab workbook

Home Our lab kits are hardware ready for the Cisco updates! Please take a moment to read our new CCNA lab suggestions article! We are dedicated to making sure you are prepared with the best devices configurations available. Our engineers work hard to make sure you are getting the best capability you can get at any price point. We are here to offer full service support, every step of the way!



In this article we will cover how to build an effective CCNA lab. Please do not skip any of this information, as it is all very important for you to understand so you get the most value for your money in purchasing your kit. Dependent on what you do by mistake, you may see either the interface or protocol go down and based upon that it should give you a clue of where to start troubleshooting hint, what layer is the interface at and what layer is the protocol at? Anyway, you will come to find quite quickly that mistakes you make on Router 1 are affecting Router 4 all because you did not screw in a cable properly.

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