This is a Supernova. You are instantly out of the game. Wimping out with five cubes is called a Train Wreck. The Futtless Rule - States that all flashes must be cleared. The reroll clause states that you cannot match any one of the flash faces when clearing.

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This list is the result of many revisions, extensions, and expansions of the very first version of the Nairinthus Cosmic Wimpout Rules FAQ and House Rules Set created for easy access of people who participated in some rather fun mini-competitions I organized in a VERY loose sense of the word in Winter of I thought that competition participants would like to have easy access to the House Rules which would be used at all the Nairinthus-organized competitions!

And since most of the CW players were of the tech savvy sort with plenty of access, it seemed good to plop it on my FTP at the time. It worked well. Hopefully these variations will give you more enjoyment of the game BUMP Whenever you land on the score of another player, you send them back to the score you started at on that turn. Example: You have 40, your opponent has On your turn, you get 75 points.

This lands you on your opponent at , and on arrival, you send that opponent back to Potentially nasty! This can be also used in Last Licks to make your job easier by 5 points, and a whole lot more. Whenever you roll all 5 dice, and everything works, in addition to the points, you also get an Insurance Point [hereafter called an IP]. You roll, and get a 3 4 3. This would be a wimpout. You get a 5 2 3, score the 5 and take the points! Oh well Such is life Truly nasty if your opponent has points, one common cube to clear a flash 10, and a 5 is rolled.

Try again. If you earn an IP in a turn, but wimp out, the points are gone, but you get to keep the IP. Cosmic Sampler. When play returns to you, you continue where you left off, clearing the flash or flashes, if the Full House rule was responsible Common values of n are between 5 and The Kill rule is the same as Suspend, except that instead of suspending, it is a wimpout.

On your next turn, your clear attempts are under the Kill 5 rule. Furthermore, upon suspension, you may instead volumtarily kill your turn, taking the wimpout immediately, allowing you to start a fresh play the next turn. If clearing a trivially small amount, this can be a very helpful option. You get 40 points, and hit However your opponent has , which is on the same space as If any player gets n Train Wrecks in the game, the player is immediately ejected!

Note that if all players but one trainwreck themselves out of the game, the remaining player must get to the agreed number of points without getting ejected too! It is possible that there is no winner, especially with 1TW.

This signifies being subject the 35 point requirement of the Opening Roll rule. However, if a player Train Wrecks, a circle is added. Note that if a player wrecks while subject to a circle, the player now has TWO circles to clear, individually. Only when the player has no unfilled circles are they exempt from the 35 point minimum.

Extension1: If at any time a player has 4 unfilled circles, or has received 7 wrecks altogether, 8 circles total, counting the original one starting the game the player is considered terminally wrecked, and ejected from the game. Extension2: Any player with any unfilled circles when Last Licks occurs cannot participate, and is ejected. The player MUST keep going to not land on that score. Plus, if a player eclipses you from up the beam by stopping on a score that puts them between you and the center e.

If the score you escape to is also eclipsed by someone else - you guessed it - go back again. Of course, if someone is now eclipsed by you in your current position, they lose 5 points as well a custom high-endscore board could have this happen quite a bit with many players in the game Ignition Failure On a scoreboard game, any player not yet in the game after another player has passed the Zero position on a higher level MUST make their score on the next turn, or is ejected from the game.

On a non-scoreboard game, the spot one level above the Zero Spot is defined to be If this leaves one player remaining, that player must still attempt to complete the game. NOTE: It may be good to set a minimum number of turns all players are guaranteed before rules such as this are enforced.

Something between 3 and 5 turns is recommended. Whenever 2 pairs and a sun are rolled e. This can be near impossible. If a Suspend n or Kill n is already in play, S5K5 overrides its parameters. In non-tournament play, it is suggested that a majority of players can override it. A tie vote should not override. Using the interpretation that the sun must be used in whatever way works, since neither option works, the sun CANNOT be scored. Since nothing scores, it is a Wimpout. Again, CS cannot be used as an easy way out.

The Bear Creek list calls this the Skunk rule. This rule should be useless especially at tournaments, where hold trays should always be used.. Hands off!! This is identical to the Porcupine rule in the Bear Creek List. Have fun with these variations!


Cosmic Wimpout

Gameplay[ edit ] The five Cosmic Wimpout dice are referred to as "cubes". Four of the cubes have face values of "two swirls", "three triangular glyphs", "four lightning bolts", "the number 5", "six stars", and "the number 10" - the fifth cube, often a different colour, has a single "flaming sun" icon in place of the triangular glyphs. Any fives or tens rolled are worth that amount. Rolling three of a kind of any number, or a pair and a "flaming sun", is a "flash" - the swirls are twos, the triangular glyphs are threes, the lightning bolts are fours, and the stars are sixes. A flash scores ten times the number of one of the dice in the flash.


The game is played with five custom dice, and may use a combination score board and rolling surface, in the form of a piece of cloth or felt available in various colors and designs. Players supply their own game piece for score keeping. The game of Cosmic Wimpout has often been associated with the Berkeley area, the Grateful Dead, and other free-form subcultures. Gameplay The five Cosmic Wimpout dice are referred to as "cubes". Four of the cubes have face values of "two swirls", "three triangular glyphs", "four lightning bolts", "the number 5", "six stars" and "the number 10" - the fifth cube, often a different colour, has a single "flaming sun" icon in place of the triangular glyphs.



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