J Prosthet Dent 87 4: Biochimie et biologie buccales. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Le Titane en dentisterie: Part 1 — Toxic potentials. Evaluation of high-temperature distorsion of high-palladium metal ceramic crowns J Prosthet Dent ; Effects of interfacial variables on ceramic adherence to cast and machined commercially pure titanium.

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This scientific work has the advantage of courw a solution to the housing of the Sahel area. J Prosthet Dent 88 2: Part 1 — Toxic potentials. The baked products obtained have also been the subject of a study of resonance, coloring density, loss on ignition, water absorption, linear shrinkage, porosity and mechanical compression.

Chirurgie buccale clinique II. Titanium removable partial denture clasp repair using laser welding: Internat porosity of cast titanium removable partial dentures: Techniques de prise de radiographie dentaire. Prise en charge des patients. J Prosthet Dent 91 5: On the other hand, this study can effectively serve as the basis of data in the formulation of ceramics from clay Maroua, in the region of the Far North Cameroon, for a large-scale industrial operation.

Casting behavior of titanium alloys in a centrifugai. Dentaies Mater 9 4: Gestion de sa pratique professionnelle I. Profil international Stage international et interculturel Stages. Effect of casting technique on surface roughness and consequent mass loss after polishing of NiCr and CoCr base metat alloys: Biological effects of palladium and risk of using buomateriaux in dental casting alloys J Oral Rehabil May;23 5: Stage de recherche III.

In vitro corrosion resistance of titanium made using different fabrication methods. Visitez le site du Service de placement pour en apprendre davantage. Effect of pressure of helium, argon, krypton, and xenon on the porosity, microstructure, and mechanical properties of commercially pure titanium castings. Traitements thermiques des alliages de titane. The castability of unalloyed titanium in three different casting machines. Le Titane en dentisterie: Clinique de diagnostic buccal.

Cette directive concerne tous les candidats, sans exception. Oxide compounds on Ni-Cr alloys. Surface analysis of nickel-chromium dental alloys. Touogam TouolakF. J Prosthet Dent 87 4: Thus, two samples of materials respectively KO1 and IP2 have been the subject of a preliminary chemical and mineralogical size rheological study.

Dynamique de la pratique dentaire. Aimer se sentir utile. Helsen J, Breme H, eds.


La SFBD met en ligne un cours complet sur les bio-matériaux dentaires





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