Elektra kehilangan ibunya sejak lama, dan ayahnya baru-baru saja. Kakaknya, Watti, menikah dan pindah ikut suaminya ke Tembagapura. Elektra sendirian mengurus rumah besar dan berantakan peninggalan Wijaya Elektronik, usaha ayahnya yang tidak menguntungkan. Elektra bertahan hidup dari celengan yang ia kumpulkan sejak kecil. Pilihan terakhir adalah menjual rumahnya. Dan, Elektra masih mencoba bertahan.

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It this common? It shows my inexperience. But, who cares. First, I am not a literature expert. I am just an ordinary book reader. Secondly, I have no relation what so ever with the author and publisher. I have no financial gain from this review. Come to think of it I have met the author once in quite an extraordinary situation. It was in a seminar. Dee, the book author, was giving her presentation.

I was about to go the back I forgot why when she called me from the stage. I have sent you an email but you have not replied to it. I was shocked. How did she find my email address? The problem is not finding my email address.

I have too many of email addresses. I never got the email. This is her third book that I own. They are all Supernova sequel. This book is the "softest" in terms of writing style which I will describe next.

Her writing style reminds me of someone. Oh, it was me. Not that I am good at writing, but I used to write stories with short sentences. No beating around the bush. And frequently, harsh. I have not written non-technical essays in quite a while, but the use of short sentences still sticks on me. The direct and harsh style still shows in my emails. Many times, it hurts people. Another similar thing, she uses footnote in her book. I do too.

I was told that most readers do not like this. But, I do it anyway. By the way, I hate my writing style. I thought this will take me nowhere. The story of "Supernova: Petir" relates to me in many ways. First, growing up in the same city I know the context of what she wrote. Part of the Sundanese culture — in terms of language and jokes — crops up here and there.

Then, the main character, Elektra, does many things that I do; using addicted to? Even the character of her father is an electronic man who challenged electricity.

My formal background is in electronics. I could remember during my university year. One of them was to be "electrocuted" with a "small" electricity voltage. To do so, I had to test the equipment whether the electricity is to high or ok. I had to electrocute myself with small voltage and increaed the voltage to a value that gives a little "surprise", but do not knock them out. I wonder if the readers relate to the story as I am. In any case, I enjoyed reading the book. It took me two days and one night to read the book during my regular trip to Jakarta.

I read in in the train going to Jakarta, between meeting, in coffee shops Sandro and Starbucks , at night, and on the train on the way back to Bandung. I take it as a good comment. I am interested in knowing the demographic of the reader of this book. As for you, Dee, did you really send me an email?


Supernova: Petir

One of the must-read-books when you have a bad day, PMS or broken-hearted day :D. The main character Elektra is really comical yet very down to earth. This book is amusing, witty, smart and simple. Apr 16, Ardelia putri rated it really liked it Ternyata hidup tidak membiarkan satu orang pun lolos untuk cuma jadi penonton. Semua harus mencicipi ombak. Page Despite the very real quote above, this book is by far the most fun ny one out of all the precedings.


Petir - Dee Lestari

Penerbit : PT. Cerita Singkat Novel Cerita awal yang ditampilkan pada bab pertama berkisah tentang dua orang laki-laki, Ruben dan Dhimas yang terlibat hubungan homoseksual. Jadi cerita ini hanya seperti mengingatkan pada serial Supernova sebelumnya. Elektra, tokoh utama dalam novel ini adalah seorang gadis keturunan cina dan berumur sekitar 20 tahun.


Supernova Petir



[PDF] Supernova: Petir Book (Supernova) Free Download (201 pages)


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