Your monitor is your window to inspiration. Enhance your vision with the Dell UltraSharp UHM with impressive features that can take your imagination to the next level. One look is all it takes. Amazing clarity: Enjoy crystal clear, true-to-life images with full x max resolution.

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Above: front and back views of the screen. Click for larger versions The UHM comes in an all black coloured design with matte plastics used for the bezel and stand. The bezel is a thin and attractive at 17mm wide along all sides. The lower bezel features a shiny silver coloured Dell logo in the centre. There is no other writing on the bezel at all. The edges of the screen are a little rounded, more so than the rather straight lined UH in fact.

I personally like the design and it looks very nice on the desk. There is a silver model available as well with silver coloured bezel and the same black stand. Above: Dell logo on front of the screen. These are actual pressable buttons as opposed to being touch-sensitive as they were on the 24" U and 27" U They are designed in a subtle way so as not to be too obtrusive during normal use and they work very well.

When the screen is turned on the power LED glows a blue colour, and it glows amber in standby. The panel coating is a standard matte anti-glare AG coating.

Some users complain about modern IPS panels having an overly aggressive coating. Personally I do not find the coating on this screen to be too bad but it can of course be subjective. The coating seems to be a little lighter than on some of the previous Dell models I think U, U , with a slightly less grainy feel.

Above: Rear view of the screen The back of the screen is again a matte black plastic and is nicely rounded and enclosed well. The monitor maintains a reasonably thin profile which is attractive. There is a round Dell logo at the top. The interface connections are located in the lower portion which you can see from the above image.

While the front of the stand is a matte black colour, the back of the stand is a silver coloured plastic which looks nice. Above: Rear and front views of the stands cable tidy. Click for larger versions There is a useful cable tidy hole in the stand as you can see from the images above.

Above: view of the screen from above. Above: Underneath of the screen showing interface options as well as power connection and USB. There is also a standard kettle lead power connection as the screen has an integrated power supply. This does make it a little thicker than some of the ultra-thin profile screens you can find which offer an external power brick such as the AOC i for instance.

Above: view of interface connections up close. Above: Side USB ports on left hand edge. Above: connection of provided stand. The screen is VESA mm compatible The stand comes packages disconnected from the screen in the box.

It is incredibly easy to connection and you simply slot it into the panel and it clips in to place. If you want, the screen is also VESA x mm compliant. Above: underside view of screen and stand Above: side views of the screen From the side the UHM has a reasonably thin profile and it looks pretty sleek as a result.

The left hand edge offers 2x USB 2. Click for larger versions The stand is a plastic design but does offer a decent range of ergonomic adjustments which is pleasing. It is also very sturdy and feels well built. There is no real wobble from the screen and materials feel of a good quality. This affords you a good range for a wide range of angles. The movement is smooth although a little stiffer when tilting downwards than it is upwards. Above: Front view showing maximum and minimum height adjustments.

Click for larger versions The height adjustment range is very good. At the lowest setting the bottom of the lower bezel is approximately 56mm from the desk so you can get a nice low height if you require. The full range of height adjustment is m meaning that at its highest setting the bottom of the bezel sits mm from the desk.

The movement is again easy and smooth, and similar to the tilt. Above: Front view showing pivot adjustments. Above: Rotated view of the screen. Click for larger version right The rotation function to switch between landscape and portrait is available but can be a little stiff to use. A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: Function.


Dell UltraSharp U2212HM 21.5" Monitor with LED

Alle productspecificaties Productbeschrijving Geniet van een levendige weergave vanuit vrijwel elke kijkhoek. De Dell UltraSharp UHM 21,5-inch 54,61cm monitor met led-beeldscherm biedt een helder beeld, rijke kleuren en opties voor een in de hoogte verstelbare standaard. Een heldere kijk op je werk Je monitor biedt je ruimte voor inspiratie. Verruim je kijk op de wereld met de Dell UltraSharp UHM en zijn indrukwekkende functies die je verbeelding naar een hoger niveau kunnen tillen. De Dell UltraSharp UHM biedt een werkelijk buitengewone kijkervaring die je bij je werk meer inspiratie kan bieden. Geniet van kristalheldere, levensechte beelden met een maximale resolutie van 1. Profiteer bovendien van nauwkeurige, consistente kleuren bij elke kijkhoek, dankzij de IPS-technologie.


Dell U2212HM User Manual



Dell UltraSharp U2212HM Series Specs


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