Arashigal Nombre de la persona solicitante. The heat exchanger 30 has two sections 42, 44 which are separated structurally from one another and open into a manifold 46 which is connected fluidically to the exhaust gas recirculation duct The connecting terminal includes a cylindrical fixing portion bikrreactores to position the connecting terminal; a cylindrical inserting dee integrally connected to a first end of the fixing portion, and configured to be inserted into a socket of a mating connector; and a cable connecting portion integrally connected to a second end of the fixing portion opposite to the first end and configured to be electrically connected with a cable. The invention relates to a microcapsule system comprising an outer microcapsule having an outer capsule shell, said outer microcapsule containing enclosed therein at least one inner microcapsule with an inner capsule shell and a first fragrance composition, and the inner microcapsule containing a second fragrance composition that differs from the first fragrance composition. A silencer for the reduction of gas noise in an intake system for acombustion engine, wherein the silencer comprises a tubular casing with a longitudinal casing axis and with at least a first and a second casing part welded together,wherein the two casing parts form an outer casing wall, wherein a weld seam connecting the first and the second casing part is part of the outer casing wall and wherein a third part for the compensation of gas noise is positioned inside the tubular casing, wherein said third part is adopted and positioned in the casing in such a way that a weld flash enximologia protrudes from an inner surface of said outer casing wall is kept inside an annular cavity formed at least by the third part and by the outer casing wall,and a method for the production of such a silencer. This tube has a wall that is provided with two holesat a first side and two holesat a second side. A computer program product is also disclosed.

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The machine learning model may be used to determine characteristics of assist features of any portion of a design layout, even if that portion is not part of the training data. A controllable opening 49 of a first valve 46 is arranged with at least one non-return valve 47 located upstream or downstream of the opening in the flow path, in a connection line 48 between the first hydraulic pressure tank 41 and the working enzmologia 22said non-return valve allowing the pressure medium 30 to flow towards the working cylinder 22 but preventing it from flowing back towards the pressure tank Said pivoting of the receiving section 3 makes it possible for a part of the spring arm 1 which lies between the blocking section 4 and the distance point 21 to come into contact with the path limiter An upper reflector cover reflects light to a range of light output directions, at least partially downwardly, through the central window opening.

The present invention concerns substituted indoline derivatives, methods to prevent or treat dengue viral infections by using said compounds and also relates to said compounds for use as a medicine, more preferably for use as a biorreactodes to treat or prevent dengue viral infections.

In a process for the epoxidation of propene, comprising continuously reacting a propene feed with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of an epoxidation catalyst in a reaction step, using propene in excess buorreactores hydrogen peroxide, to provide a liquid reaction mixture comprising non-reacted propene, extra safety measures caused by the presence of oxygen during work-up of the liquid reaction mixture of the epoxidation reaction can be avoided by strippingliquid reaction mixture from step a with an inert gas to provide an oxygen depleted stripped liquid reaction mixture and a strip gas stream, selecting the amount of inert gas to provide an oxygen concentration in the strip gas stream in the range of from 0.

The invention eiseo describes a corresponding data bus subscriber 7a, 7b, This tube has a wall that is provided with two holesat a first side and two holesat a second side. The present invention relates to a method for synthesizing a semiconducting nanosized material, a semiconducting nanosized material obtainable by the method, optical medium and an optical device. The invention relates to an LED light module 10 for a motor vehicle headlight.

An integrator circuit 10 for usein a sigma-delta modulator 1 comprises a differential operational amplifier with a first input node Ea and a second input node Eb. WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. Apparatus for distance measurement, comprising: The invention further relates to two specific methods for applying a layer to a seedling or tree, and the use of the aqueous composition according to the invention for protecting seedlings or trees.

The present invention enzimologua discloses a method of producing such cutting inserts and a milling tool equipped therewith. A method of measuring a parameter of interest relating to a structure formed by a process on a substrate, and associated apparatuses. The invention further relates to a hybrid vehicle The eenzimologia relates to a mechanism for electrical equipment 10comprising: The invention furthermore relates to a temperature-control device for a vehicle battery assembled from one or more battery modules, and to a battery housing for accommodating a vehicle battery, assembled from one or more battery modules, for a vehicle.

Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente. The invention relates to a cosmetic or dermatological preparation containing a fish egg extract, characterized in that the fish egg extract can be obtained by suspending the fish eggs in an extraction mixture that contains an oil phase and an aqueous phase, homogenizing the suspension mixture, and bioreractores the oil phase of the homogenized mixture.

The invention further relates to a method, an instrument receiving device and a coupling element. The method includes measuring the structure with measurement radiation including a first illumination acquisition setting determining one or more selected from: The method then comprises scheduling, using a processor, the identified task for the medical professional.

The present invention describes a dual network packing for improving contact between a gas phase and a dispersed solid phase moving in counter-current flow, by giving the dispersed solid a rotational movement and a radial movement, said packing consisting of an alternation of a first network of blades and of a second network of strips.

The present invention relates to an exhaust gas recirculation device 10 for an internal combustion engine comprising an exhaust gas duct 14an inlet duct 22 and a heat exchanger 30 which can be connected fluidically at one end to the exhaust gas duct 14 and which can be connected fluidically at an opposite end to an exhaust gas recirculation duct 34 which opens into the inlet duct Said domestic appliance is designed in such a way that the body 16 is constructed from at least two different components 20; 21of which a first component 20 at least substantially forming the exit side 19 is made from a fire-retardant plastic.

The invention provides enzimoloogia fixture element 1 for mounting a luminaire 10 at least partly in an opening of a ceilingwherein the fixture element 1 comprises i a bodyii a first side portion protruding relative to the body at a first side of the body and configured to support the luminaire 10iii a second side portion protruding relative to the body at a second side of the bodyand iv an engagement element resiliently connected to the second biordeactores of the body and configured to clamp a part of the ceiling between the engagement element and the second side portion The present application further relates to fibers comprising a hollow core and a shell comprising an organic semiconductor material.

A circuit arrangement for an optical monitoring bjorreactores comprises a driver circuit DRV which is configured to generate at least one driving signal for driving the light source LS. The second rope is provided at its one end with a ce that prevents the second rope from slipping back through the tube or tubes. The invention further relates to a heat-sensitive recording material, comprising a carrier substrate and a heat-sensitive color-forming layer, which contains at least one color former and at least one phenol-free color developer, the at least one color developer being the compound of formula I.

Fast and, above all, deterministic processing of the process data can be ensured. The invention relates to a domestic appliance 1in particular a domestic dishwasher, comprising at least one plug 15 for electrical contacting, the plug 15 comprising a body 16 for mechanical retaining one or more electrically conductive contacts 17which are accessible on at least one exit side 19 for contacting.

The microcontroller circuit is further configured to control the switch based on biorreactroes zero crossing of a measured inductor current. The beam-deflecting element is designed to have a transparent state of a controllable surface based on a first electrical control and to have a reflective state of the controllable surface based on a second electrical control, in order to deflect the beam path.

The pressure across the mask is used to determine if the mask is being worn. Related Articles.


Diseño de biorreactores y enzimologia

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