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She scolded me whenever I had tantrums, but she cared for me! A total lie! Even then, why did they have to yell at me like that!? Before her mother died, Futaba asked her to bring her to a family trip, which she expressed her annoyance at Futaba bothering her at completing her research for the stake of her life, which Futaba responds with a tantrum. In reality, she promised her that she will bring her to anywhere she wants to go after she completes the research. Her mother died in front of her afterwards due to a mental shutdown caused by Goro Akechi and ordered by Masayoshi Shido , resulting in Wakaba throwing herself in front of traffic.

A hallucination of Wakaba haunting Futaba. This caused her to develop guilt, psychological trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, extreme social anxiety, and hallucinations. The hallucinations are often of Wakaba looking disappointed in her. She has not attended school ever since graduating middle school.

By her age, she should have been a first year student in high school. By the time of the game, her depression has worsened into outright suicidal impulses, and a delusional subconscious belief that her death would bring Wakaba back to life. Due to her heart being distorted, she does not properly recall any of the events that ruined her life, as the memories are concealed in three murals in her Palace.

Futaba finds out that the protagonist and his friends are the Phantom Thieves by listening to their conversation in Cafe Leblanc through the bug she placed there. Knowing her own impulses and realizing she has to stop, Futaba sends a message to the protagonist under the alias Alibaba, asking him to steal her heart in exchange for helping them deal with a group of hackers known as Medjed , who are declaring war against the Phantom Thieves.

However, when the protagonist demands more information, Futaba realizes that in order to steal her heart, they need to know more about her. This causes her to panic and hastily attempts to cancel her request for the first time interacting. However, for the second time, "Alibaba" claims that if the protagonist does not change her heart before the Medjed "Cleanse," she will expose all identities of the Phantom Thieves and their supporters, which will most certainly lead to their arrest.

Again, she then hastily attempts to cancel the request for the same reasonas as the first time. This aroused heavy suspicions around the Phantom Thieves due to the heavily threatening and anonymous nature of the "Alibaba" deal. When problems with Medjed start to get worse, the desperate Phantom Thieves conclude they require her hacking skills to put an end to the situation.

After piecing together the facts, Makoto Niijima correctly deduces that Alibaba is in fact Futaba herself. Since they do not force her to come out and allow her to communicate through chat, Futaba agrees to make the deal with them once more.

Futaba accepting her deceased mother. While the Phantom Thieves are in her Palace, she notices the appearance of the Metaverse Navigator application on her own phone, and wonders if she can enter her own palace.

She does so, encountering her Shadow and becoming her own Treasure in the process. After the battle, the image of the true, benevolent Wakaba appears before Futaba and confesses her love for her daughter then disappears. If the protagonist cannot complete her Palace in time, the police come to arrest the protagonist with charges of extortion and suspicion of being a member of the Phantom Thieves, with Sojiro also being arrested for harboring a criminal, implying to be Futaba actually blackmailing them.

Futaba is also already reformed during the interrogation, further indicating that what happens is obviously a false recollection. Sae proceeds to leave the room to give the protagonist time to recover, at which point an assassin takes the opportunity to kill him. She reveals she created the original Medjed identity and later gave her hacking scripts to a group of friends, but when counter-hacking the hostile Medjed she realizes that they do not use her distinct programs.

From there, she deduces that someone else must have stolen their name. However, after seeing how determined both Futaba and the protagonist are, Sojiro promises to keep their secret and allows them to continue their activities under the condition that if it gets too dangerous, they must stop becoming the Phantom Thieves.

When the thieves finally secured the route to his Treasure, she hijacks the broadcasting system of Japan to broadcast a message against him nationwide, which alerts him and causes his Treasure to take form. This was revealed to be a distortion created by Takuto Maruki , who rewrote history so her assassination never happened, out of her subconscious desire that she wished that her mother never died.

Akechi still remembers murdering her, however. Futaba then can be found at Akihabara exploring it with Sojiro and Wakaba after identifying Maruki as the Palace ruler. Once found, the protagonist snaps her out and Wakaba was never heard of again. Despite not being present in the party during these days due to being trapped in the dream world, all of her Confidant based support skills might activate during the 2nd of January and 9th of January explorations.

If the protagonist maxes her confidant, Futaba will call him out for a talk in her room. Realizing this, she tells the protagonist what she believes that her mother wished for her to become before Prometheus and Necronomicon transmogrify into Al Azif. Should the protagonist allow Maruki to completely overwrite his world, Futaba would go to Shujin, with Yusuke and Morgana considering transferring to there as well.

She then will be seen enjoying life with Wakaba and Sojiro in the credits. Who was doing this!? However, advancing it past the first rank requires the protagonist to have rank 4 Kindness Selfless. Her story progression revolves around her exposure to the outside world, as years of social isolation has left her completely maladjusted, and fulfilling a list of things which her mother made her do to help boost her social skills.

Progressing the Confidant will unlock additional support abilities for Futaba to aid the party with in-battle through her Persona. As she slowly rehabilitates with the protagonist, her journey leads her to reveal that even in her youth she has been bullied for her intelligence and only had one friend named Kana who was the only one to actually try to talk with her.

Although Kana stopped talking to Futaba after she discovered her secret, Futaba lied to her mother that they were still getting along. To soothe her guilt, she tracks down Kana and discovers that the abuse has not stopped. After Kana and Futaba reconnect, they rebuild their friendship, and both girls resolve to attend school again. At that point, the protagonist can choose to start a romantic relationship with her or not.

If they do, Futaba goes out and buys a figure on her own as proof of her independence. If they do not, she spends close to an hour exploring Akihabara on her own. Either way, she thanks the protagonist for giving her something irreplaceable: her life back. Her newfound strength and independence causes Necronomicon to transform into Prometheus.

Persona 5 The Animation Edit Futaba appears in the fifteenth episode of the anime, where like before she contacts the Phantom Thieves under her alias of Alibaba to have her own heart stolen. Futaba herself makes a physical appearance at the end of the episode. As she and Makoto scream, Sojiro appears, where he finally comes clean about his relation with Futaba.


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