Инструкция по применению. Растворы средства применяют для дезинфекции, в том числе совмещенной с предстерилизационной очисткой, изделий медицинского назначения из металлов, резин, стекла, пластмасс включая медицинские инструменты к гибким эндоскопам. Средство не предназначено для дезинфекции и предстерилизационной очистки самих эндоскопов. Дезинфекцию изделий медицинского назначения, в том числе совмещенную с предстерилизационной очисткой, проводят по режимам, указанным в табл. Изделия погружают в рабочий раствор средства сразу же после их применения, не допуская высыхания на них загрязнений.

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Application areas For a manual, disinfecting pre-cleaning, and manual disinfection of thermo-stable and thermo-labile equipment of all kinds except flexible endoscopes. Disinfection and cleaning in one processing step. Eyelashes lifting CC Lashes Bella. Gigasept Instru AF is delivered as a concentrate, and can, without problems, be diluted with water to the concentrations given in the tables.

Anesthetics Before procedure During procedure. Please enter a review: Because of its excellent cleaning powers, — especially in ultrasonic baths, — and the comprehensive micro-biological effect, Gigasept Instru Ibstru offers all important properties for instrument preparation in clinic and office.

Do not exceed reaction times and application concentrations! Gigasept Instru AF has a service life of 7 days.

Nanogen line Nanogen shampoos Nanogen conditioners Nanogen serums Nanogen fibres. Gigasept Instru AF Instrument Disinfectant Gigasept instrument disinfectant is available in ml or 2 litre bottles or in insrru 5 litre canister.

Gigasept Instru AF 2l. Fibroblast Fibroblast Devices Fibroblast needles Fibroblast care. For a manual, disinfecting pre-cleaning, and manual disinfection of thermo-stable and thermo-labile equipment of all kinds except flexible endoscopes. Absorbent cotton, absorbent, g roll. Ecolab Sekusept Powder Classic for the cleaning and disinfection of thermo-stable equipment. Gigasept Instru AF is especially suited for application in ultrasonic devices. Overview — Dental Treatment.

Or send us your inquiry by email using our contact form. Safety glasses Safety glasses inwtru special scratch-resistant coating. Brilliant product for cold sterilization of instruments used for doing feet. Please log in Join. Kodan Wipes 15x22cm 90 pcs.

Often purchased with this product. You can request corresponding reports at BBraun. Thanks to its excellent cleaning performance — especially in an ultrasonic bath — and. Suitable for manual gigxsept pre-cleaning and manual disinfection of thermostable and thermolabile instruments of all types excluding flexible endoscopes.

You have not aff any stars. Shopping cart 0 item s — 0. Lasers Laser for tattoo removal Creams after procedures. If you want to refuse cookies, please click on the settings icon. Cleansers Foam Cleaners Washers Green soaps. Always read the label and product information prior to use. Kidney dish, stainless steel, 25 cm. Service life Gigasept Instru AF has a service life of 7 days. Your Benefits Specialist advice by telephone and online chat Insured delivery and free return of your medical supplies No minimum order value!

Gigasept instrument disinfectant stands out due to its broad spectrum of efficacy, good material compatibility and improved cleaning performance. Medical devices may be subject to practical guidance where required by law. A new item has been added to instur basket. Good price, could not get it at this price in UK!. Instrument-Cleaning Brush plastic cleaning-brush for instruments of all kinds.

Product Details Reduced exposure time in ultrasonic cleaning Improved cleaning performance Fresh fragrance Comprehensive microbial effectiveness: Medical supplies Antiseptics Tools disinfection Wipes for disinfection Holders and dispensers. Delivery during preferred delivery slots For Medical Professionals This shop exclusively provides special items and offers for doctors, nurses gigsept healthcare professionals, who apply these products for their medical practices.

Cosmetology beds Massage bed Cosmetology bed Pedicure beds Bedspreads. Product brochure Download Safety data sheet Download. Goochie anesthetic Skin Sooth Solution for permanent makeup 2ml. All label names, registered trade marks as well as all product pictures are property of the manufacturer and serve here only the description. Most Related.





Gigasept Instru AF Interlux 100ml





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