La angustia me paralizaba por completo. Pasaba horas enteras gritando sin control. No me llegaban las palabras ni los argumentos de consuelo. De hecho, los extremos se tocaban. Pero todo este conocimiento no me ayudaba en mi dolor. El hecho de que eso no haya sucedido fue el resultado de la lucha expresada en este libro.

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This book might have been a weird one to start with, but it does make me want to read more of his work. The journal was not published until years later when friends convinced him to share it. I did like this way of thinking about suffering. And I liked what he said in his conclusion. There is hardly a day without some dark clouds drifting by. But today I recognize them for what they are without putting my head in them!

This is definitely from a Christian point of view, and some segments resonate more than others, because he was also writing from the perspective of a spiritual leader. Each chapter is very short and written as an imperative to himself in the second person, e.

But I was surprised at how frequently I deeply connected with the insecurities and fears he was addressing in himself, particularly those related to the ministry.

I plan to read it again very soon and A sort of journal written by Nouwen during a really dark period of his life. I plan to read it again very soon and more slowly. My point of view is too tainted to look at this work objectively, and anyone who reads my review of this book should know that.

My reaction to this book was deeply personal and disturbing. His colleagues felt the journal would serve as a great instructional tool for others, and hence this little book was born. However, drawing from my personal experience, I could clearly Tainted. However, drawing from my personal experience, I could clearly hear the voice of a friend whose addictive and manipulative behaviors wreaked havoc in my life.

Also, as a refugee from the Catholic church, I know my perspective is tainted because I reject the notion of celibate priests making effective spiritual guides. When the vows of marriage are tested. When the reality of grief, despair and loss all come thundering down on you. The fear of a deadly disease. As in, the "real world" pain and confusion that sets in when you live you life among others with real problems.

I like to think of myself as a thoughtful person, and part of me regrets that I cannot get to the meat of this book as so many others have. I have been reading this off and on for a while and I will say taking it slowly has helped me grasp the truth as well as pray and reflect on the themes Nouwen brings up in my own life.

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La Voz Interior del Amor

Henri J. Nouwen La voz interior del amor un servicio destinado a aquellos para quienes aspiras a ser una fuente de esperanza y una presencia vivificadora. Acepta tu identidad como hijo de Dios Tu verdadera identidad es ser hijo de Dios. Esta es la identidad que debes aceptar.





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