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In contrast to the myths and the errant Greek manuscripts that Nestle used and persuaded others yearning for acceptance to use — see further below , Tischendorf bien aime par le Vatican and Westcott and Hort advocated, the serious material and documentation of Gail Riplinger ;. So if truth upsets you, or you are working for a spirit-guide, then fall back asleep, but only at your own risk. You are involved in spiritual warfare, just by reading. I will not tell you that Gail is perfect, but who is?

I would prefer a flawed human, who actually wants to do what is right, who tries to do gurnall ; what is right, and who is trying to catch up on history, manuscript studies ; paleography, study of ancient Greek ; or Hebrew ; I would prefer someone MAKE the attempt ; and fail, rather than be like most pew-warming FALSE christians ;, millions of whom ; are surely headed for a lake of fire, while telling themselves ; that that they are saved ; offering not the slightest proof nor demonstration of this, who have no conscience, no understanding of the Bible, no ability to know, learn or discern what is the theology of God, versus what are false theologies.

If you assert that you have the status of being regenerated or Christian, and you actually are NOT a Christian in the eyes and evaluation of God, who actually does know your spiritual state , then the assertion does NOT make you a Christian ;. It simply means that your claims to be a christian are part of your own self-deception ;.

The New Testament refers to those hundreds of millions of people as being part of the great falling away. Be sure you know who you are trusting ; The old debates used to be about Christianity ; versus other religions.

They are also among those who will take a mark on their right hand or forehead soon enough, and they will also believe the soon arriving false Messiah ; who rules from ;. Rome ; from Babylon ;.

Layard ;. True Christians already know, as soon as you try to do what is right, as soon as you try to actually have a ministry, and especially if you are critical of other ;. Bennett ;. However the forces that Gail describes are real, their falsehoods are revealed here ;. Who admitted that he rejected the Old Testament, the claims of Jesus, and therefore the New Testament also ;. So it is no wonder that wherever truth ; has actually managed to survive, there are many forces attempting to distract ;.

There are good teachers here, and the material ; that is contained ; in her ;. Westcott and Hort despised Christians, and especially evangelicals. That reality seems to false evangelical leaders ; [ including Seminary professors ; and many Pastors ; false shepherds ; ] to use Westcott-Hort ;material , sources, and books including false ancient greek texts but only if the congregations are not informed of the the sources ;.

Is it possible that It is up to you, personally and individually, to consciously know what you believe spiritually, and know and find out for a fact what is true spiritually, and what is not true? Yes, so If you get that part of your understanding of the Universe wrong ;, you alone will pay the consequences ;.

This is WHY people who care about you tell you, and ask you, and recommend to you, that you read the Bible, often starting in the New Testament with the Gospel of John which is often a good place to start. If anyone told you not to worry about genuine spiritual accuracy, if a priest or pastor told you that you do not have to worry about it, then you were lied to ;— at that very moment.

Now you and your eternity and where you will spend it hangs in the balance. A decision to ignore the data will simply be a definitely wrong decision. God knows you read these words, and He reads your heart, your mind and your thoughts. Chose what you want, but know that that you will have the consequences of your choice. Freedom of choice, means that YOU get the freedom to chose, your eternal destiny, and how to alter that destiny, if you chose.

Freedom of choice means you chose and then you are also collecting the consequences of your choice. So chose wisely. Those videos mp4 need to be watched by anyone in ministry, and anyone seeking truth. Certainly it is SAD that most pastors are too afraid, too gutless, too many cowards for most of them to personally study or deal with theses issues.

Chosing between Jesus or Mamon love of money , is the choice that hard, really? There is a subtle seduction by which the junior leadership ; in churches are both pressured and seduced into SILENCE, so that Pastors are NOT confronted Biblically, which they should be by other leaders in the church, and so the entire church is compromised, first by the Senior leadership, but then further by the OTHER leaders even Laymen leaders who refuse to stand for truth, and are willing to put their own congregation in the way of HARM, in many ways and on many levels.

To act in that manner is a betrayal of their office and a further betrayal of Jesus Christ. You know who you are ;. When Pastoring becomes about the money, and when Seminaries professors are paid high salaries, given tenure, comfort and status, they seem to STOP caring ; about the spiritual wellbeing of those they are supposed to be helping ;. And that seems to happen real fast, and even faster in official or state sponsored or state funded churches or denominations.

Yes, the road to hell, paved with good intentions ;, and full of pretty sights, sounds, and counterfeit ;. Now if you feel comfortable, enough to ignore BOTH the information, and the steps needed to inform yourself, then I guess you have just declared where your allegiance is, and is not. Let those who think that modern versions are authentic, deal with the actual questions raised, and then test themselves against the results.

Those who truly believe that they have the truth have nothing to fear. On the other hand, being deceived, and having mistakenly chosen consciously or not to believe falsehoods ; by your seminary-trained Pastors ;,THAT may have an impact on your eternal understanding, reaching far beyond your current perception. Some people wanted God to take His hands and control off the planet. He should no longer interfere, but let humans show ;that they can actually run and direct the planet ;, without God ;.

Very soon, that ; will be the reality. He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep, in order to gain that which he cannot lose. It is time to give up the old idols of professor-worship, and the comfort of official church salaries.

Honor God instead of seeking your own material comfort, even under the guise of seeking pastorates. Dont compromise on truth-seeking just because you are longing to be recognized as a young leader. Take time to know God. Give Him a chance to show what He can do in your life.

Study the lives of those who came before you. Time seems to be in short supply. Seek truth. Ask God to help you.


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