One day, her chamber is destroyed and Julian, a boy she met in Germany, comes to break her out to join the rebels. Said rebels want to overthrow the Morati, angels who dis not make a choice about joining the rebellion against Heaven. They were sentenced to guard the souls in this place as punishment for not making a choice. As Felicia is making her way to the hide-out, she relives memories that led up to her death - her betrayal of her best friend with Julian and her romance with Neil whom she met after being banished to live with her grandmother.

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She looks like she was trying to attempt the full face highlighter challenge and gave up halfway. Not necessarily strange in a bad way, just Felicia resist the urge to make the obvious "bye Felicia" joke is dead. She "lives" out her days in a strange white room, replaying her memories over and over.

Her favorite memories, however, are of the boy she was dating while alive: Neil, an active participant in a youth group and a member of the church choir. Felicia likes him so much that she ends up joining the church because of him, but as pleasant as these memories are, they are still hard for Felicia to watch because Neil is connected to her death. Shortly after that, a strange boy appears named Julian, who looks oddly familiar.

I sat there for a moment, blinking in astonishment, because I could not believe it. Did I really just see the words "alternative lifestyle" being used - sincerely - to describe a gay couple?

In the end, I decided that this book was OK. The writing was good. The characters were tolerable. I thought Autumn and Felicia were equal twits. Felicia does feel bad about it, though, and I liked how you could see which of her actions were most troubling to her because they were the memories she replayed the least. I did actually like Julian, potential creep factor aside, probably because he reminded me of the Julian from L. I really do have to give the author credit for coming up with something so OTT.


Level 2 (2013)




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