You will discover a magical world of stunning landscapes and massive volcanoes. Hike around the beautiful Andes, where you will have encounters with some of the Andean fauna and witness the beautiful mountain range. After arriving in Isinlivi, you will have lunch and go for your first trekking exploration. You will hike down to the canyon of the Toachi River and then back up to the main road that will take you to Chugchilan, a small town located in the middle of the Quilotoa loop.

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Hopefully this post will help those who want to complete the Huayhuash Circuit independently. For some additional details on navigating around the Circuit, see the comment below from Douglas who hiked it in September The two and a half hour trip cost 10 soles. In Chiquian, we transferred to the Nazario collectivo for the 15 soles, four-hour ride to Popca.

The collectivo passes through Llamac on its way to Popca so it is possible to begin the trek there if you prefer. After the trek, we again took the Nazario collectivo for the return to Huaraz from Llamac. In this case, our 20 soles ticket for the 11AM bus the only outgoing transportation of the day covered the entire trip back to Huaraz, although we transferred to a larger bus in Chiquian.

On the passes, winds pick up and the temperatures cool significantly. Similarly, once the sun is below the mountains, temperatures plummet and it gets cold quickly.

We regularly experienced sub-freezing temperatures and had thick layers of frost on our tents most mornings. This was especially so for nights spent above 4, meters. Gear and Provisions If you want very high quality gear, bring your own. Andes Camping, located in Parc Ginebra just off of the Plaza de Armas, had the best combination of low prices and quality gear that I found. You can get nearly anything you need for the trek in Huaraz. In addition to the snacks, popular choices among our group were pasta, pasta sauce, cous cous, salami, parmesan cheese, peanut butter, and bread.

Huallapa, which we reached on Day 6, is the only resupply point on the Circuit. Provisions available at the bodega in town are sufficient, if limited pasta, pasta sauce, tuna, crackers, cookies, some fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of a park entry fee, each community that the trail passes through charges trekkers their own semi-official fee.

The fee is ostensibly for conservation or protection, but it basically operates as an entry fee. We were told to expect anywhere from soles for the total cost of the fees and ended up paying a total of soles to seven different communities. The fees in each community ranged from soles. Security Guide books describing the hike frequently reference security issues for trekkers. We encountered nothing of the kind. Everyone we met was helpful and considerate. Day 2: The day began with an immediate m climb up Cacananapunta pass 4,m that begins just past the campsite.

Past the lakes, the trail rises to the pass of Suila Punta 4,m. The rest of the day is an easy jaunt downhill through the pampa swamp toward camp at Huayhuash 4,m. After dropping from the pass, the trail continues along Laguna Viconga m and then through another, much smaller pass of several hundred meters.

Over the pass, the trail heads down to the camp in the valley 4,m below Nevado Cuyoc. San Antonio Pass 5,m on the morning of the 6th day. Huallapa has a campsite and several bodegas for resupplies.

Waterfall as the trail drops into Huallapa Day 7: This is one of the more difficult stretches. Nearly all day the trail gradually, and at times not so gradually, ascended from Huallapa 3,m through Quebrada Huatiaq to the pass at Tapush Punta 4,m. This is probably the most beautiful spot on the entire trail. Explore thirty incredible hikes, five on each continent, that will take you to the most beautiful, iconic and remote places on the planet. Find all the information you need to start your own amazing adventure!


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