The summons had come at noon, well past his bedtime. One day he will push me too far and rue it. Now I question whether he has a heart at all. The skirts of her scarlet gown rustled, a pleasing sound he always associated with her.

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Mar 15, Katie babs rated it really liked it There are only a few select authors I consider to be like crack with their series. JR Ward is my 1 crack. Kresley Cole comes in a very close second. Kresleys Immortals after Dark series is very addicting and she writes characters who walk a very fine line in regards to morals. Her heroes and heroine are fierce warriors who will fight to the death to survive or get what they feel they. He made quite the splash in the last book, Dreams of a Dark Warrior and almost took over the story.

Lothaire is a very complicated character. You will either love him or hate him. I despise Barrons le Douche with everything I have inside of me. Lothaire for most of this book was channeling Le Douche and Kresley barely made him redeemable by the end. But Kresley is a very sly wench of an author and does something amazing based on her epilogues.

The epilogue to Lothaire is the best one she has written in all her IAD books. She gives us insight on the main character before they become this heartless, and in most cases, ruthless killer. The start of Lothaire shows Lothaire at eight years old and not yet a vampire. His mother is a proud queen of the Daci race, another type of vampire, and Lothaire is meant to take over the crown there and become the Daci king.

Unfortunately his father is a cruel bastard who throws Lothaire and his mother, Ivana out into the snow. This is something I never done while reading an epilogue. And since Lothaire is thousands of years old, the way he reacts to things can be excused to a certain point. Lothaire wants to rule every kingdom he can get his hand on in the Lore, as well as Dacia. In order to do that he needs an immortal bride.

Her name is Saroya, a goddess who has been cursed and takes over human bodies. Lothaire meets Saroya, while in the body of the teenage, Ellie Peirce, who is poor white trash and lives with her family in the Appalachian Mountains.

From that moment on, Lothaire comes to the conclusion that Saroya is his bride because of the way his body reacts to her. In order to do this, Lothaire must find a special ring that grants wishes. This is unfortunate for Ellie, who blacks out thanks to Saroya and ends up on death row because Saroya goes on a bloody rampage. Lothaire is cruel to Ellie because he thinks Saroya is his mate and only worthy of him.

She drives him up the wall, by seducing him with her virgin, redneck temptress body Lothaire wants to eat up. But after he does complete his endgame, he has nothing else to look forward to.

So is Ellie his bride or is Saroya? And if Ellie is his true bride, he loses everything because his oracle and his advisory and sometimes friend, the loopy and close to deranged Valkerie Nix, says he can only be king if he has Saroya as his bride. Lothaire is an intense, character driven book about a battle of wits between two people who have nothing to lose.

Ellie should be rocking a corner and twitching from everything she has endured. But her mind never breaks. She may just be my favorite Kresley heroine up to this point because she takes on Lothaire, the bad ass vampire king of old and is willing to get burned because it feels so good. Watching Lothaire fall for Ellie is a riot.

Lothaire comes across as adorable more than a few times, along with being a douche. She keeps him on his toes and the law and order he has created is now in chaos. Lothaire has a bad case of OCD and Ellie is the only medication that can keep him sane.

He also acts immature at certain points, sending Ellie his heart literally in a box because of something she did that hurt him. Her response is a big awesome FU back to him that will make you stand up and applaud. The foreplay and sex here could melt an egg on the hot pavement.

Even though I wanted to smack Lothaire more than a few times and I wished Ellie would have cut off a certain part of his anatomy for being mean to her, I was lost in this book and hungry for more. Lothaire is the ultimate feast for any reader and had me begging for more scraps. Thank you Kresley for writing another entertaining book that has me anxious for the next one. Lothaire engaged me in ways I never expected.


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