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The first time I had no expectations. With the second and third this time reading I had the thought that the book would be stupid and hokey. But oh man, I love it.

It totally makes me want to clean out my house and get rid of all my stuff so that I can just enjoy life and the moment. The author gets semi-kidnapped by some Australian Aborigines. They go on walk-about across the Outback. I feel my skin getting pink and sunburny just thinking about I have read this book three times in my life. I feel my skin getting pink and sunburny just thinking about it! The people in the book ate giant spiders at one point. They were very thankful to the universe for that gift of nourishment.

The same morning that I read that chapter, I saw a giant spider in my bathroom. I have some spider traps. The package said that it could catch not just spiders, but also snakes. So the spiders or snakes run slither onto the goo and get stuck. So this morning, I found the spider and I got all freaked out and herded the spider into the trap. He was obviously trying to run away from me, the big evil giant, and rightly so because I was indeed trying to kill him her?

Thinking about the aborigines made me feel super ungrateful, so I ate the spider to make up for it. But I feel real bad about it. So, I have to let him die. That way at least one of us me comes out ahead. Maybe I could feed him until he just died of spider-old-age. How long do you think that would be?


Tihi zov Australije



Marlo Morgan - Tihi Zov Australije


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